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  1. The raw material shall satisfy the national standard:
    Zinc Alloy: GB/8738-88
    Brass: GB/T2040-2056
    Stainless Steel: YB/T5161-93
  2. The raw material shall be molded in accordance with the product design, in full respect of the dimensions.
  3. The raw material shall be structurally sound; no warping or deformation shall be allowed; surface designs shall be clearly marked along their intended design.
  4. Product surface shall be flat (+/- 0.2 mm), smooth and free of indentation or pollution.
  5. Colours shall be uniform and, in the case of handles with two colours, there should be no trespassing over the border lines.
  6. There shall not be more than 2 incidences of bubbles, black spots and indentations for every door handle pair.
  7. Electroplating colour and brightness shall be uniform throughout the product. Colour difference and de-coloration shall not be allowed.
  8. Plating hardness shall be min. 4 H for the lever and 3 H for the plate. Thickness, adherence and corruption rates shall meet the national standard.
  9. The handle and plate shall be mounted at a 90 degree angle.
  10. The handle gradient tolerance shall be maximum 3 degrees.
  11. Handles shall withstand 392 Newton of pressure, without breaking off or dismounting.
  12. The lever handle shall withstand minimum 70,000 cycles.
  13. When activating the handle lever, the tongue shall retrace smoothly and the lever should quickly return to its original horizontal position.
  14. When activating the handle's lock, the lock's tongue shall move smoothly; the lock shall withstand minimum 30,000 cycles.
  15. Internal packaging shall: 1) have clearly printed reference numbers, colour types and quantities; 2) include full sets of fittings; 3) be clean.
  16. External packing shall state product name, volume, quantity, weight, etc.